Mandel Advocacia has provided legal advice in bankruptcy law for more than 30 years. The exclusive concentration in this area for more than three decades has made possible a wide specialization and the acknowledgement of its expertise within the legal environment, in addition to allow the rendering of a personalized service to clients.


These qualities, specialization and personal service, added to practical experience, are fundamental to any office engaged in such segment, particularly due to the peculiarity, urgency and seriousness of issues involving bankruptcy law. 


During all those years, its partners have acted as legal advisers for several large offices engaged in corporate law, investment funds, and audit firms, in addition to partnerships developed in several procedures of corporate restructuring and renegotiation of liabilities of large Brazilian companies controlled by Brazilian, American, British, French and Spanish capital, within several different sectors like telecommunications, energy, auto parts, pharmacy, contractors, metallurgy industry, hospitals, Electro Electronics, insurance company, among others.


In the litigation area, the firm has filed hundreds of Proceedings of Arrangement with Creditors [Concordata Preventiva] and represented hundreds of bankruptcy companies, defending

 the rights of their affiliate companies, partners/shareholders and/or officers in bankruptcy proceeding, including legal investigation, request for extension of bankruptcy effects to other companies and civil liability actions. In the criminal area, the firm has partnerships with the best lawyers practicing in this area to defend bankruptcy parties. For ethical purposes, our firm does not list our main clients.


Mandel Advocacia also provides legal advice to creditors, but exclusively as adviser or, in the litigation area, represents committees composed by banks or large creditors of debtor companies, particularly to give support to these creditors to enable the restructuring and recovery of those companies, avoiding therefore, any ethical conflict.


The firm also provides advice in the purchase of debtor companies, in case the seller is facing the reorganization of its liabilities.


Mandel Advocacia’ partners, taking into consideration their notorious specialization, have written several articles on bankruptcy law, given several lectures and exercised activities in institutions such as Bar Association of Brazil, Lawyers Institute, and even with governmental bodies like the National Congress (as speakers) or Executive Power (as collaborators).